Why Some Products Stick With Us

Steakhouses, smartphones, and spoons: Truly great products meet our needs and make us better

David Portelli
7 min readSep 4, 2019

FFrom a consumer’s perspective, a good product is not necessarily a good-looking product, nor is it a product that solely delivers a frictionless experience. It’s not a bug-free product or a product that gets updated with fixes on a daily basis.

A good product is one that creates dependability by filling a gap in a consumer’s life. The reverse would be a product that could easily be substituted or replaced with another, or one the consumer may easily stop using completely because it never made a difference in their life in the first place.

Great products create a strong “why”

Image by Evan Dennis from Unsplash

Great products don’t just live on people’s phones and computers; they are top-of-mind because they fill a need wonderfully and people are clear on what that need is and how it’s being filled by the product.

I love to go out for a steak every now and then; it’s probably my favorite gastronomic treat. I’ve been to more steakhouses than I can count over the course of several…